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    Three Ways to Get the Team on the Same Page

    9 Feb, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    Everyone belongs to a group. Sometimes those groups are meant to be long term teams. Other times you are just meeting for a few times but you still could benefit from the feeling of being a team! Ah… What will transform your group into the feeling of a well functioning, high-powered, unstoppable team? Over the [...]

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    Values Drive Behavior, So Shouldn’t You Know What They Are?

    26 Jan, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    Values.  We use the word all the time, Brene Brown says in her new online course called, Daring Greatly.  We says things like: “That’s great value. How much do you value this? What value would you place on this? How dare he not value me. I feel like I’ve been devalued. Our currency just lost [...]

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    ToP Moments 2016

    12 Jan, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    Well, I’ve been in Phoenix Arizona for a week. It has been raining, hailing and cold but jam-packed with moments of delight, creativity and inspiration. Since I’ve been so busy, I’m sending you photos of my week just to give you a sense of what great facilitators can do together. The photos will include some [...]

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    My Big Facilitator Secret: The Guiding Support of Mentors

    29 Dec, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    I’ve been thinking a lot about something I just love doing – that is mentoring other facilitators. This blog is about helping you as a mentor for anyone you may be supporting in your life. It will also include some tips on what to look for in a mentor if you’re looking for someone to [...]

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    Gaining Clarity And Meaning For Your Life In 3 Hours

    15 Dec, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    Ever wanted a very powerful, quick jumpstart on the next few years of your life?  One process I talked about briefly in my blog in December 2014 was the graphic facilitated PATH process. PATH stands for Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope. It was developed by a Canadian group including Marsha Forest, Jack Pierpont and John O’Brien [...]

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    The Clarity and Confusion Around Goals and Objectives

    1 Dec, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    The year 2016 is approaching. You think to yourself, “We had better set some new goals and objectives for our organization, team, committee.” You might even think about doing this for your own life or career development. Yet, I hate to break the news to you but rarely do setting goals and objectives on their [...]

  • Money-banner-2

    Facilitator Economics: Your Top Money Questions Answered

    17 Nov, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    The most common question I get from clients and facilitator colleagues is, “How much do you charge?”  Most of us do not like to give a straightforward answer to this question.  That is because it is a rather complicated mix of formulas, values, and needs.  Our blog below is going to take the format of [...]

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    Mistrust: It Doesn’t Get Any Worse Than This – But You CAN Change It

    3 Nov, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    This blog is about trust. How to build it with the groups you are leading and how to help others regain trust when all seems hopeless.  Trust is a word we toss around lightly.  Joe Cocker, Billy Joel, Amanda Marshall all wrote songs about trust.  Most of their titles were like, “Trust Me”, yet it [...]

  • Vision-banner

    Year 2000: The Most Powerful Vision of My Life

    20 Oct, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    Almost 15 years ago, December 5,  2000, I had the most powerful vision of my life in the Chicago airport. I had an  8 hour layover due to snow storms. I was just coming back from Mexico having had a wonderful visit with my sister, and I had all kinds of ideas about how my [...]

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    Walking the Path of a Mindful Facilitator

    6 Oct, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    I had an insight the other day.  It was, “It doesn’t matter what you practice, just practice!”  I have more to say on this but first let me give you the context for what I’m talking about.  In this blog, I share three reflections/insights as they apply to process facilitation that came to me in my personal [...]