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    This is Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Virtual Meetings

    24 Feb, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    So here’s what happened… I had what felt like a major failure with my free webinar last week. We had practiced everything. All the layouts were perfect – well not exactly perfect but good enough. But the technology surprised us to say the least. Close to the beginning, we were in the middle of conducting [...]

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    My Secret Recipe for More Time, More Money and More Fun

    10 Feb, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in a facilitator’s office? Ever had the experience working in a remarkable, high performing team? In this blog we share 3 principles for having a great collaborative partnership that allows you to be the best facilitator you can be. Whether you are an internal or external organizational [...]

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    “Please Do Not Ask Me to Be Creative!”

    27 Jan, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    Participants will often express this sentiment, “Please do not ask me to do anything “touchy, feely”, creative, or silly (these are often all lumped together as similar by your participants) . Thus, when we as facilitators suggest something creative, we are often met with resistance, sighs, and “deer in the headlights” (i.e., scared) looks. Interestingly, [...]

  • Contract-Clients

    No Regrets! 5 Lessons for Contracting with Clients

    13 Jan, 2015 - Barbara MacKay

    Whether we are in-house or external facilitators, we all have a client group. This group is depending on you to help them transform how they do business in the future. How you establish and meet your client’s expectations is critical to your and their success. I am just finishing up at our annual gathering of Technology [...]

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    Nervous Before the Big Gig? Five Ways to DeStress

    30 Dec, 2014 - Barbara MacKay

    Feeling stressed about anything at all but especially before you start a gig or facilitated event? Take JUST five minutes of your time today — Here are my five “fav” destress before the big “gig” techniques  demonstrated in this short video.  Each one takes two minutes or less. Result: You are grounded, feeling present, able [...]

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    Things Go Better With Planning – Three Proven Processes

    16 Dec, 2014 - Barbara MacKay

    For many of us, sometime over the next few months, we begin to think about how we want our next year to be (i.e., plan!). If you are working with your own team, it’s likely that you will make planning for your upcoming year a high priority. Some of you will be doing a simple [...]

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    Pack Your Bag – 6 Props for Awesome Meetings

    2 Dec, 2014 - Barbara MacKay

    In this video and written blog, I’m going to actually share what I do to get ready for a meeting and take you into my dining room to open up my workshop suitcase. Enjoy the video or just read below to get more ideas.   Every time I get ready for facilitating meetings, I notice [...]

  • Struggles-Successes-3

    Four Lessons from Twenty Years of Facilitation Practice

    18 Nov, 2014 - Barbara MacKay

    Next year is my 20th anniversary for being in business as North Star Facilitators. That’s a relatively big piece of history for me.  As I reflect on my own journey, it’s sometimes hard to notice my successes. Likely many of us tend to focus on where we have struggled. I am no exception. In this [...]

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    “Did you say conflict?”

    4 Nov, 2014 - Barbara MacKay

    Recently I have had a number of people download our free webinar recording on conflict. Thanks for doing that. Given this interest, I decided to write about conflict this week. These are the four things we will tackle briefly in today’s every second Tuesday blog: Why is conflict scary? Why should you NOT be afraid [...]

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    11 Must Do’s For Better Meetings

    21 Oct, 2014 - Barbara MacKay

    This week and last week I have been delivering a customized version of our Meetings That Rock in webinar format to a group of managers in Alaska who are motivated to improve the way their meetings are conducted.  One of the handouts we provide them is on the 11 steps of participatory meetings.  I thought [...]