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    Keep Flipcharting From Becoming a Dying Art!

    18 Oct, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    Happy Facilitation Week! My question for you today is a basic one. Is flipcharting a dying art? I still love to flipchart! There is something very creative and satisfying about making a beautiful flipchart before an event and there is something also beautiful and humbling about capturing participants exact words as they speak. I felt […]

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    If you love your client, you will…

    4 Oct, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    Recently, I’ve been realizing that I really love my clients. How do I show this? There may be a couple of things that you are already doing but I’ve decided I want to be more conscious about what I do and will share that with you now. I’m going to talk about the top 5 […]

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    The Power of Presence and the Theory U Framework

    20 Sep, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    In our recent preconference co-facilitated with Jackie Chang, at IAF Asia in Taiwan September 2016, we introduced five facilitation frameworks which use the concept of presencing implicitly or explicitly as part of their value system. In this blog, we share the one that most explicitly incorporates it. It is called Theory U. But first let’s […]

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    The Ultimate Equation for Deciding on a Facilitation Job

    30 Aug, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    Last week I attended the IAF Asia 2016 conference and it was, as usual, mind blowing! The feel of the Asian conferences is a little indescribable. I would have to say that there is so much energy and enthusiasm because people are in someways just discovering this amazing profession and all it has to offer. […]

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    Four Ways to Introduce Yourself and Your Work as a Facilitator

    23 Aug, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    Often people struggle with best ways to describe what they do as a process facilitator or how to market facilitation as a service to both internal and external clients. Sorry, there are really no easy ways to synthesize the complexity of what you do in the typical elevator speech format. However, let me give you […]

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    A Must Have for Global Teams: >1 Virtual Facilitation Platform

    9 Aug, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    More and more, I am getting requests for facilitation training that happens globally. Or, I participate in virtual team meetings with participants from 6-20 different locations, multiple time zones and cultures. Sometimes we are participating live (i.e, synchronously) or on our own time (i.e., asynchronously). This blog is for you if you have had any […]

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    Ten Tried-and-True Team Building and Trust Building Techniques

    26 Jul, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    The point of having a good synergistic team is so that when times are tough, the team really pulls together and are able to pull themselves out of tremendous challenging situations. Other reasons for having team and trust building activities as a regular part of your meetings and or organizational culture initiatives include: – People […]

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    Neutralize Whining and Complaining Behaviors in Groups!

    12 Jul, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    Why am I talking about the topic of whining and complaining behavior in groups? I realize that many people adopt whining or complaining behavior as a normal course of their day. I do this myself sometimes when I am tired and discouraged. You may have someone at work, in your family or circle of friends […]

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    Avoid Team Gridlock! Move Forward Using Consensus

    28 Jun, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    Today, I am co-training one of my favorite two-day courses called ToP Facilitation methods with my incredibly talented colleagues Judy Weddle and Teresa Lingafelter. We have 23 people from 18 different organizations. And, last week I was teaching this course in Wisconsin with my wonderful colleague, Bev Scow at her workplace, Wise Women Gathering Place. […]

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    Groups Want Safety – A Facilitator’s Guide to Creating Safe Space

    14 Jun, 2016 - Barbara MacKay

    With a recent event in the US around a mass shooting in a nightclub in Orlando, I grieve once again for the fact that safety is not apparent or a given for many people around the world. I was born and spent most of my life in a country, Canada, where we have not had […]

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