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P.A.T.H. Session

Why not have the sheer joy of doing for yourself so you are crystal clear on how you want your life to unfold in the next few years? You will have clear concrete steps and supports articulated to ensure it happens.  All in 3 hours!  Then you can offer this gift to friends, family, colleagues and groups. A side bonus is building your graphic and visioning skills.
We’ll do this virtually by Skype or Adobe Connect – whichever works better for you.  We can offer a phone line connection if needed for audio also. If you only have audio available, we will make that work too by sending you photos in advance of how to do each step. Here are our requests, offerings, times and costs:
Can you: 

      • Choose a time where you can give your full attention to the process?

      • Make sure it is quiet where you are?

      • Make sure you have a good internet connection where you have good audio and good ability to speak?

      • Bring some colored pens or markers and a large sheet of paper to the session?

What you get: 

      • Pre-work instructions to help you get the best out of the session

      • 2.5 hour planning session (10 minute break at half way point) (value – $500)

      • 30 minutes of coaching in drawing simple graphics (bonus – offered 30 minutes before session starts) (value – $100)

      • A 3-5 year plan with words and images for your life and work (which you will easily create yourself) with clear 12-18 month goals and  specific steps for the next 1-4 months (value –  very high!)

      • Colorful PDF handout with step by step instructions to be able to offer this session to others after your own PATH is done (value – $100- $1000’s if you offer this to others for a cost).

    IMG_4624Please email Barbara with a minimum of 3 dates and times that are convenient to you. Note: Graphic coaching session starts 30 minutes before each planning session.  This is optional but will greatly enhance the beauty of your PATH. We can also send you written tips of doing graphics if you cannot join early.

    $595 for a 3 hour session with 15 minute break. (2 hour session for Students available for $295 – use coupon code PATHSTUDENT at checkout) Includes the graphic mailed to you.

    Step 1:
    Pay the registration fee by clicking the blue button at the top right of this page. $595.00

    Step 2:
    Email Barbara to schedule your virtual session.

    Still Unsure?

    We’ve explained more about the PATH process in our blog, “Gaining Clarity and Meaning in Your Life in 3 Hours”. I’ve also included a video of my own PATH.

    We also have information on our P.A.T.H. webpage under the Strategic Planning section of our website.

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December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018
Virtual Session
Please Note! Dates above do not apply to one-on-one virtual sessions.
Please email Barbara to schedule your P.A.T.H. session after registering.

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