Facilitator Learning Modules

Assessing Simple to Complex Client Needs

What, When, Why, How

As a facilitator, you will help your clients attain great results only if you have a very clear picture of their situation and the underlying issues. This handout will give you a six step process to help you understand the group participants, assess their needs and clarify desired outcomes so you can create truly powerful workshops. Three tools and a powerful set of effective questions are included to help you successfully navigate every situation from simple to complex client needs.

This module includes:

  • The Six Steps of Client Needs Assessment
  • Tool One: The First Contact with Client
  • Tool Two: What to Ask in the Second Contact with the Client Group?
  • Tool Three: Evaluating Complex Needs
  • Template: Quick check to test for complexity
  • Possible Questions to Ask for Each Element of Complexity
  • Example Professional Service Agreement

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