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Getting Better at Everyday Conversations

A Facilitator’s Tips for Authentic Relationship Building

How is it that some people have no problem having a great, satisfying conversation? Yet with others, they seem unable to draw people out or get the results they want. With this handout, learn how to make every important conversation a natural one.

  • Learn how to ask questions that encourage people to offer their honest and deepest thinking on any topic.
  • Learn how to hear and care for both yourself and others in both regular and difficult conversations.

Finish your next conversation clearer and satisfied with how the conversation occurred and what you decided together. Some of this material is covered in the longer module called “Leading Focused & Productive Discussions”.

This module includes:

  • Seven Keys to Setting Up Meaningful Conversations
  • Open vs. Closed Questions
  • The ToP Focused Conversation Method
  • Useful Dialogue Resources
  • Template for Planning Your Important Conversations

Another helpful resource:

Blog: Want to open the door of dialogue? Don’t use closed questions!

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