Facilitator Learning Modules

Boosting Group Morale

20 Principles to Keeping Spirits High

Facilitation work requires extensive mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual preparation. It requires that we are fully engaged and ready to do the practice. So how can we help lift the spirit of others when we are working with them? 20 core principles are addressed in this module to answer this question as well as to provoke contemplation for other group process practitioners and help you see the connection between your personal life and working with groups professionally.


This Module includes:

– 5 Principles we can do as group facilitators to engage ourselves, and the group, fully before the actual “event” occurs
– 3 Principles to use after we’ve prepared to be present to the spoken and unspoken needs of the group
– 8 Principles to “Get to the Heart of the Practice”
– 2 Principles to ensure we work on boosting the team morale at the closing part of the session
– 2 Guiding Principles to keep our own morale high
– Checklist of 20 Principles that you can take with you to an event, use it during design stage, or as an evaluation tool.

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