Facilitator Learning Modules

Designing for Diversity

Dialogue in Multi-Cultural Settings

You may think the topic of working with multilingual or multicultural groups does not apply to you. Yet if you are running any type of meeting or workshop, you are likely already working with multi-cultural and multi-lingual considerations. Are you making any changes at all in how you lead meetings to ensure full participation of people who are:

  • In the “minority”?
  • Whose first language is not that of the meeting?
  • Who were not born or raised in your own country?

If not, you may want to think about this topic. This module covers what I’ve learned from experience and what several of my colleagues have shared with me. Specifically the module sets the stage for working across cultures. It includes specific tips regarding:

  • Understanding the concept of dominance
  • Understanding the implications of invisibility for some
  • Working with multi-lingual groups with a special emphasis on the “do’s” of working with an interpreter team
  • 13 strategies for ensuring greater participation of all cultures/languages
  • Understanding and accommodating both low and high context cultures

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