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Designing Productive Meetings

Agendas That Work Like Magic

Are you ready to start designing meetings? Why should you even have an agenda? How can you be expected to know how to put together a really solid agenda that will achieve exactly what the group needs? There are steps as in anything else. In this module, we are going to teach you those steps so you can replicate “great design” any time it is required. (This is part 2 in our 6 part series “Meetings That Rock”)


Module Includes:

  • 6 typical steps that ensure your agenda delivers results in allotted time
  • An overall framework for structuring most meetings
  • A template for planning each meeting
  • How to set “head and heart” objectives for every meeting
  • Ideas to create WOW! effects in the meeting
  • “Best in the market” books and other resources you may want to consult to further your journey to becoming a competent designer of meetings.
  • FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Examples of discussion and idea generation methods
  • Sample participant agendas

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