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Just Say No to Energy Draining Meetings

Are you leading soul-killing meetings? We drain people’s energy and enthusiasm when we run long, boring, non-participatory meetings. When this is done on a daily basis, it significantly reduces work or volunteer productivity and satisfaction. Learn practical suggestions on how to lead soul enriching meetings that encourage friendly, full and focused participation! If people find their interactions in meetings productive and positive, it can make their whole work day go better. Gradually you will begin to see a positive cultural shift to a more resilient and happy workforce. It is well worth your time to become more skillful in running meetings and being more facilitative in all your interactions with people. (This is Part 1 of our 6 part series “Meetings That Rock”)



  • Setting Group Norms/Rules/Guidelines
  • Facilitator Role Self Assessment Tool

Module Includes:

  • A self assessment tool to understand better your meeting facilitator roles
  • The theory and practice of how to engage all types of learners (multiple intelligences)
  • The 11 “essentials” of running participatory meetings
  • 4 sample types of “Ground Rules” to use and tips on how to use
  • A check list of tools and props needed for engaging meetings and a list of top 10 competencies essential for all facilitators.

For more guidance with encouraging group participation…

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