Facilitator Learning Modules

Growing and Enriching Your Facilitation Practice

If you are just starting a facilitation practice or have been in practice a long time, it’s a good idea to ask, “How well is my facilitation business or practice working for me?”

This e-learning module offers:

  • 10 provocative statements in the form of a self-assessment to help you do this reflection.
  • Starter tips and solutions with example stories to help dramatically improve your practice. The ideas apply both to in-house practitioners and those who have their own facilitation business.
  • 5 ways to help if your business feels under-developed or not challenging enough.
  • 5 ways to inspire your thinking if you are feeling overwhelmed by your practice and its demands on you.
  • Resources and appendices that have some great tools and tips on finding more support and ensuring you maintain balance.

The aim of the module is to inspire you to make needed changes in your life and facilitation practice. The intended results are that financial serenity, balance and joyfulness are restored.

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