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Enhancing Your Facilitator Creativity Competency

The focus of this module is to help groups generate ideas to solve problems, move forward from challenges, or create better ways of working. This requires that the group mood and setting is conducive to creative idea generation. We explore how to set the stage and context for rich idea generation. We say creative idea generation because you are trying to get the group to generate new ideas (bold and new) as well as think of ways that are “tried and true” – i.e., have worked in both the current situation and in other comparable situations. (This is part 5 in our 6 part series “Meetings That Rock”)


Module Includes:

  • Typical scenarios  for when idea generation is best used
  • A framework for generating ideas
  • Why classical brainstorming often does not work and how to fix it
  • Tips to ensure your idea generating sessions go well
  • Five great visual and kinesthetic tools/techniques  for generating ideas
  • Practice exercises with each tool
  • A great list of props and supplies to help your groups do great idea generation
  • “Best in the market” books and other resources you may want to consult to further your journey to becoming a leader of idea generation sessions.
  • FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Examples of idea generation methods
  • Sample agendas for when generating ideas

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