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The Complete (Abbreviated) Guide to Consensus

Consensus is used in almost every facilitated event in some form or another.  In this interactive module, we have shared the thinking of many authors and added in real experiences from our own practice. Done well, consensus helps you generate tremendous momentum and trust in the group and with you.  Done poorly, it can derail a group, leave them discouraged and leave them feeling you are unskilled and untrustworthy.  In short, learn to do it well, as consensus building is one of your most important tools.

The purpose of building consensus is to help groups to: 1) gain agreement on reaching a decision or 2) resolve an issue where there appears to be many differing and confusing perspectives. What does consensus look like?  Does everyone have to agree?  This module helps you deeply explore and understand what consensus should look and feel like, teach you 5 tools to apply in a variety of situations and give you practice exercises to ensure you build your competency in this area. We have an extensive FAQ section and a fabulous personal practice exercise. (This is part 4 in our 6 part series “Meetings That Rock”)



  • Five Finger Consensus
  • Converge
  • Consensus Decision Making
  • Flipchart Consensus Workshop Method
  • The ToP® Consensus Workshop Method

Module Includes:

  • Definition – understanding consensus
  • The difference between making a simple decision and gaining consensus
  • A framework for understanding the steps to creating consensus.
  • 5 consensus building techniques – from simple to more complex (Includes detailed instructions for each technique)
  • Practice exercises using real scenarios for you to see how tools are used
  • “Best in the market” books you may want to consult to further your journey to becoming a  master consensus builder
  • FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • A fantastically helpful personal practice exercise
  • Our suggested answers to the exercises

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