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Leading Focused and Productive Discussions

Facilitator Tools for Sharing Ideas in Meetings

Learn how to make every important conversation a naturally flowing one. Ask questions that encourage people to offer their honest and deepest thinking on any topic, how to care for yourself and others in regular and difficult conversations. Learn techniques to help you finish conversations with everyone feeling clearer and more satisfied. This module includes 3 discussion frameworks (see below), 7 keys for setting up important conversations, and practice exercises for sequencing open-ended questions for each of these 3 frameworks. (This is part 3 in our 6 part series “Meetings That Rock”)



  • The ToP® Focused Conversation Method
  • Dr. De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
  • Dr. Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication Conflict Model

Module Includes:

  • The importance of discussion
  • Practice where it is safe: Using Open vs. Closed Questions with Family or Personal Situations
  • Three specific frameworks for building productive discussion including one that deals with conflict conversations:
  • The Technology of Participation (ToP)® Focused Conversation method
  • Dr. De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats discussion method
  • Dr. Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication Conflict model
  • 100 example questions to get you started
  • Tips for Asking Questions to Obtain Dramatic Results:
  • Seven C’s to setting up important, difficult discussions
  • Our favorite “Best on the Market” dialogue resources
  • Suggested answers to practice exercises
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Focused Conversation template
  • Comparison of Frameworks

We offer hands on practice of these tools!

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