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Creatively Capture Ideas

Mind Mapping Made Easy

This technique is very useful as an organizing, brainstorming and decision-making tool for both individuals and group work by using color, key words, and images to summarize, sort, and retain information on any topic. It allows the thinking mind to be flexible and make associations between different ideas and aids long term memory retention. Learn how to use this powerful graphic technique for your own personal use or upcoming group work.


  • Learn the what, why and how of mind-mapping as a brainstorming and organizing tool for professionals
  • Learn and practice how to create basic mind maps on subjects of interest and relevance to your own life
  • Experience how the tool can be used in groups to create a “group mind-map”
  • Identify ways to practice and become adept with this tool. Create a mind map of ideas
  • Become motivated to learn how to better process information

Tools: Mind Mapping

Categories: Planning, Starting & Ending Meetings / Brainstorming and Creativity /