Facilitator Learning Modules

Understanding the Group’s Story

Transformative Life Dynamics Theory

Embedded in any excellent facilitation approach is a deeply compelling depth or universal truth. This module introduces you to one example of that depth in the Technology of Participation (ToP™) facilitation methods developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA).   When I learned  what was behind the ToP methods, in the form of five life images, I was deeply touched. The life images offer insight into organizational, team and personal development and are universally applicable to life itself. I believe these life dynamics are key to understanding what we are REALLY working with, when we facilitate any group situation. In this module,  I share many personal examples and offer the deeply reflective questions that come with each of the images that ICA Canada facilitators asked me when I took their course. If you do not have access to their course “The Art and Science of Participation”, this is a must-have module. 50% of profits go to ICA Canada’s non-profit work.

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